Ice Cream Sundae

THE ICE CREAM SUNDAE HAS BECOME ONE OF AMERICA’S CLASSIC TREATS. WITH YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM, A CHOICE OF TOPPING, WHIPPED CREAM AND CHERRY, IT’S THE PERFECT PLEASURE, ESPECIALLY ON BOGO WEDNESDAYS. Toppings: Almonds Bordeaux Cherries Bright Confetti Sprinkles Brown Bonnet®* Brownies Butterfinger®* (location varies) Butterscotch (location varies) Caramel Cherry Bonnet™* Chocolate Chips Chocolate Crunchies Chocolate Flakes (location varies) Chocolate Sprinkles Chocolate Syrup Coconut Confetti Sprinkles Cookie Dough Fruit Salad (location varies) Gummy Bears (location varies) Heath®* Hot Fudge Lollipop (location varies) Malt Syrup (location varies) Marshmallow M&M’s® OREO®* Peaches (location varies) Peanut Butter Peanuts Pecans Pineapple Pistachios (location varies) Pralines (location varies) Pound Cake Rainbow Sprinkles Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups* Reese’s Pieces®* Strawberries Toasted Coconut (location varies) Vanilla Crunchies (location varies) Walnuts (location varies) Wet Walnuts (location varies) Whipped Cream White Bonnet™ Whole Maraschino Cherries